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A High level HTML fragment sanitizer.

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CrazyHarry is a high-level html fragment sanitiser/cleaner in use at Lonely Planet. It is based on Flavour Jones's Loofah Gem.

Loofah is a great tool and we've been using it in a number of different projects. Hoewever, we found that we were repeating the same types of cleaning job in multiple places.

CrazyHarry wraps up a number these tasks in a simple DSL, while adding commands for a few edge cases that are not straightforward with Loofah.


gem 'crazy_harry' 

bundle install 


object_with_description.each do |obj|

  if descriptions[l.external_id]
    sanitised_fragment = CrazyHarry.fragment(descriptions[obj.external_id])
      .redact!( unsafe: true,     tags: 'img')
      .change!( from: 'b',        to: 'h3' )
      .change!( from: 'strong',   to: 'h3' )

    obj.update_column(:description, sanitised_fragment.to_s)

Default Actions

It automatically removes blank tags, converts <br /> tags to wrapped paragraphs and de-dupes content.


As per the previous example, all calls except .strip! (which removes all markup) may be chained. (.strip! can be the last element in a chain. See below).

Scoping and Targeting by Content

All commands except .strip! accept scope: and text: attributes:

CrazyHarry.fragment( '<div><b>Hotels</b></div><p><b>Hotels</b></p><b>Tents</b>' ).change!( from: 'b', to: 'em', scope: 'p' ).to_s

will produce:



CrazyHarry.fragment( 'Hot <b>hotels</b> in <b>Saigon</b>' ).change!( from: 'b', to: 'em', text: 'hotels' ).to_s

will produce:

Hot <em>hotels</em> in <b>Saigon</b>

Adding Attributes

Use the .translate command to do this:

harry.fragment( '<b>Header</b><p>Content</p>' ).translate!( add_attributes: { class: 'partner'} ).to_s

will return:

<b class="partner">Header</b><p class="partner">Content</p>

If a tag already has an attribute, the new attribute will be appended to the existing one:

<b class="bright-red partner">Header</b><p class="partner">Content</p>


Specific Tags

Use the .redact! command. It does not strip unsafe tags by default. To do this, pass the unsafe: true option.

All Tags

Use the .strip! command. It can be used as the last tag in a chain (with .translate( from_text: <some text>, to_text: <other text> ), for instance), but should generally be the only call you make.

Text Translation

The .translate! command can change tag content, preserving case:

CrazyHarry.fragment( '<h3>Lodging</h3> lodging' ).translate!( from_text: 'lodging', to_text: 'hotel' ).to_s

will return:

<h3>Hotel</h3> lodging

Fostering orphaned tags.

The .foster! command will wrap orphaned li tags in a ul tag. This only works for li tag for now.

CrazyHarry.fragment('<li>Flying list tag</li>').foster!.to_s

will return:

<ul><li>Flying list tag</li></ul>


The .truncate! command will truncate input preserving HTML tags.

CrazyHarry.fragment( '<p>Long <b>text goes here</b></p>' ).truncate!(3)

will return

<p>Long <b>text goes</b>…</p>

It accepts hash of options and passes it to HTML_Truncator. It returns self and can be chained with other commands.

Known Issues/TODO

  • De-duping does not take account of whitespace. So, <p>Some Content</p> and <p>Some Content </p> will not be treated as duplicates.
  • Be able to turn off default actions.
  • It should be able to work on documents as well as fragments.
  • Merge .translate! with .change!
  • Foster other orphaned tags besides just li.


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Added some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request
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