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A little AutoHotkey script that enables a quake-style console for mintty (like Visor for OS X)


  1. Cygwin
  2. mintty (installed through Cygwin)


download and run mintty-quake-console.exe

right click icon in system tray -> "Options"

press ctrk + ~ (or configured keybinding) to toggle console

note: after manually changing the ini file, reload the script by right-clicking the tray icon and selecting Reload

Ini/Option Reference

mintty_path = path to mintty.exe

mintty_args = arguments to pass to mintty.exe

hotkey = key combination to show/hide console

start_with_windows = add this script to Windows startup (1) or disable (0)

start_hidden = show mintty.exe when script is started (0) or wait for hotkey (1)

initial_height = height (in pixels) of the mintty console

pinned_by_default = set to 0 to automatically hide mintty when it loses focus

animation_step = number of pixels to shift each step of the slide animation

animation_timeout = how long (in ms) to wait between each animation_step


Use Ctrl+Alt+Numpad(+/-) to increase or decrease the console height

To use ZSH instead of BASH, set the following in mintty-quake-console.ini (zsh must be installed through cygwin):

mintty_args=/bin/zsh -li

Download my minttyrc for my font/color settings

$ wget -O ~/.minttyrc


  • add support for putty, or maybe even console2
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