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General Angular Demos

Welcome to my repository for basic Angular demos. The repository exists mainly for the demos that don't really fit into the categories of other repositories that I've created.

Simple UI Router Menu

This demo shows how you can watch for state changes and build a menu/navigation system that works nicely with Angular's ui-router.

Advanced UI Router Menu and Navigation

This demo, like the simple ui-route menu demo, shows how you can build an interactive menu system and interact with the user.

This demo goes a step beyond and lets you tie into services to track changes, let the ui-router state controllers tell the service if they are dirty, prevent navigation where appropriate, and utilizes modal dialogs to allow the user to control the work flow. It is promise/callback driven and works well for state tracking and integration.

Client/Server Validation Integration

This demo shows how to take server-side validation errors and integrate them into Angular's built-in form valdaition. On the backend, a simple nodejs application is used to random return errors for the form elements.

UI Router Tabbed Navigation

This demo shows how to use ui-router and a navigationService to created a tabbed layout.

As with the other navigation demos, this demo illustrates state change tracking and hooking into the ui-router pipeline to take advantage of state management.

UI Progress Bar

This demo shows how a simple use case for timers and the Anguiar UI progress bar.