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package domainModel {
import longevity.model.annotations._
// first, define our domain classes:
// the @persistent is the thing we want to persist in its own table.
// the primaryKey describes how we want to retrieve the objects.
@persistent(keySet = Set(primaryKey(User.props.username)))
case class User(
username: Username,
email: Email,
fullName: FullName)
// @keyVal means we can retrieve users by username:
case class Username(username: String)
// a @component is a part of the object we want to persist:
case class Email(email: String)
case class FullName(
last: String,
first: String,
title: Option[String])
// gather all the domain classes into a domain model:
object DomainModel
object applicationServices extends App {
import domainModel._
import longevity.context.LongevityContext
// build the context for our domain model
val context = LongevityContext(DomainModel)
// get the user repository
val userRepo = context.repoPool[User]
// we are now ready to start persisting users
val username = Username("sméagol")
val oldEmail = Email("")
val newEmail = Email("smé")
val fullName = context.testDataGenerator.generate[FullName]
val user = User(username, oldEmail, fullName)
// create, retrieve, update, delete
val f = for {
created <- userRepo.create(user)
retrieved <- userRepo.retrieveOne(username)
modified = = newEmail))
updated <- userRepo.update(modified)
deleted <- userRepo.delete(updated)
} yield {
println(s"created ${created.get}")
println(s"retrieved ${retrieved.get}")
println(s"updated ${updated.get}")
println(s"deleted ${deleted.get}")
// wait for the CRUD ops to complete
import scala.concurrent.Await
import scala.concurrent.duration.Duration
Await.result(f, Duration.Inf)
// close db connection after CRUD ops complete