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Anatole Theme for Zola

Anatole theme for Farbox ported to Zola

Zola Homepage | Demo with customizations






First download this theme to your themes directory:

$ cd themes
$ git clone

and then enable it in your config.toml:

theme = "anatole-zola"

And copy the content/about, content/archive, content/ in the theme folder to your own content folder. And edit the in about folder to edit the content of your about page.



Add title, description and base_url:

title = "Anatole"
description = "A other zola theme"
base_url = ""


Though the origin theme only support light mode, we added a dark mode option here.

You can either

  • set the extra.mode field in config.toml to use the dark/light mode
  • or set the extra.default_mode field in config.toml to read the dark/light mode from localStorage (the key is 'mode'), and use some Javascript to control the theme each reader is using
  • or do nothing, we'll use light mode by default


Currently, we have English, Chinese, German and Swedish translations, set the default_language if necessary:

# 如果你想要中文
default_language = "zh"

If there are complications, you can copy this snippet to your config.toml:

language_name = "English"
about = "About"
home = "Home"
tags = "Tags"
archive = "Archive"
links = "Links"
date_format = "%Y-%m-%d"
next_page = "Next Page"
last_page = "Last Page"

language_name = "中文"
home = "首页"
about = "关于"
tags = "标签"
archive = "归档"
links = "友链"
date_format = "%Y-%m-%d"
next_page = "下一页"
last_page = "上一页"

language_name = "Deutsch"
about = "Info"
home = "Home"
tags = "Kategorien"
archive = "Archiv"
links = "Links"
date_format = "%d-%m-%Y"
next_page = "Nächste Seite"
last_page = "Vorherige Seite"

language_name = "Svenska"
about = "Info"
home = "Hem"
tags = "Etiketter"
archive = "Arkiv"
links = "Länkar"
date_format = "%Y-%m-%d"
next_page = "Nästa Sidan"
last_page = "Sista Sidan"

Feel free to create a pull request if you want to translate the theme into other languages!


The theme will become multilingual automatically if you specify another language except default_language.

You'll see a language-switching button on top right.


Tags and links sections are optional.

  • If you want to enable the tags page, add

    taxonomies = [
      {name = "tags"},
    tags = true

    To your config.toml

  • If you want to enable the links page, add

    links = true

    and copy content/links to your own content library. And edit the in it to modify its content.

  • If you want to add the author's name on each page, add:

    author = "John Doe"

Sidebar menu

We support a bunch of social links:

github = ""
gitlab = ""
stackoverflow = "" # use user_id
twitter = ""
mastodon = "" # use hostname/@username
facebook = ""
instagram = ""
dribbble = ""
weibo = ""
linkedin = ""
flickr = ""

Fill in your username if you want! And the logo won't appear if you leave it empty.

Comment system

We currently support...

appid = "Your appid goes here"
appkey = "Your appkey goes here"
notify = false # true/false: mail notify
verify = false # true/false: verify code
avatar = "mm" # avatar style
placeholder = "Say something here"
  • Disqus, note that Disqus does not work in Mainland China:
name = "longfangsong"
repo = "Your repo for comments"
issue_term = "pathname"
theme = "github-light"


There are several options I left in the origin templates for you to customize your site.

More style

You can create a blog.scss or something similiar in the your sass folder, add a templates.html with following content:

{% extends "anatole-zola/templates/basic.html" %}
{% block extra_head %}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ get_url(path="blog.css") }}">
{% endblock %}

More social links

You can add more social links by adding a templates.html with some content added to more_social_link block:

{% extends "anatole-zola/templates/basic.html" %}
{% block more_social_link %}
<div id="pirate" data-wordart-src="//" style="width: 100%;" data-wordart-show-attribution></div>
{% endblock %}

If you want to use some awesome logos, FontAwesome icons are already available.


Port of Anatole theme for farbox to Zola.







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