Extension to the CodeIgniter Upload class to allow multiple files to be uploaded at once.
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#CodeIgniter Multiple Upload Library Just an extension to the existing Upload class to take advantage of multiple uploads in one form field

##v.0.2: November 7, 2011

Changes Added a parameter to return all the uploaded file(s) info as opposed to boolean. Set to false to return boolean instead.

##v.0.1: July 7, 2011

Description This version is a quick and dirty first pass for a project I'm currently working on. I haven't worked on the error reporting piece yet, so feel free to send in that contribution if you're so inclined.

Installation Copy MY_Upload.php to your application/libraries directory. If you are using a prefix other than MY_ for your classes and/or alternative file paths, adjust accordingly.

Usage Load the Upload class as usual, in your controller call the function do_multi_upload(). If you are uploading a single file, it'll default to the regular do_upload() method. In the form, set field names to array (e.g. name="userfile[]")