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Compositional Structural Embeddings of Terms with Graph Convolutional Networks
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Compositional Structural Embeddings of Terms with Graph Convolutional Networks

At a glance

  • xgcn/ describes the the XGCNModel that defines a bilingual GCN model designed for cross-lingual mapping of terminologies.
  • xgcn/ defines the DictionaryCriterion associated with training the model according to the terminology word-translation task.

For other elements of the training pipeline, the model interfaces heavily with the PyTorch version fairseq (docs), relying on the package to provide training task definition, dataset handling and a optionally multi-GPU trainer. Specifically

  • A TranslationTask is created to handle the word translation data, in supervised or unsupervised variants.
  • The Trainer handles the training process by applying the optimizer according to the criterion to the model.



  • Python 3.7
  • PyTorch 1.3
  • fairseq 0.9.0

Download & Process data

Download the MeSH XML file.

# Download data
curl -# -o data/desc2020.xml

Then preprocess the downloaded XML into language pair text formats.

# API key obtained under license from the UMLS Terminology Services at
python tools/ --mesh data/desc2019.xml --apikey xxxxxx --target-langs FRE

Finally split the processed files into train/test sets.

python tools/ -s ENG -t FRE --file-pre data/desc2019.xml --dest-dir data/


Construct the dictionaries with respect to the dataset, and tokenize the raw text as word pieces if training with BERT features.

# For the ENG-FRE language pair
python --source-langs ENG --target-langs FRE --train-pre data/train --test-pre data/test --align-suffix edge --dest-dir data/


The training script builds a translation task given the training language pairs, trains the GCN model on the training data according to the criterion.

# Training for the ENG-FRE language pair
python --task translation --source-lang ENG --target-lang FRE --train-subset train --valid-subset test --dataset-impl cached --load-alignments --arch xgcn --optimizer adam --lr 1 --sentence-avg --num-workers=0 --distributed-world-size 1 --criterion dictionary --save-dir checkpoints/ --skip-invalid-size-inputs-valid-test --log-format tqdm data/


# List multiple checkpoint files separated with colon for ensemble models
python --task translation --source-lang ENG --target-lang FRE --gen-subset test --dataset-impl cached --path checkpoints/ENG-FRE/ --load-alignments --k 1 10 --num-workers 0 --log-format tqdm -o output/xgcn.ENG-FRE.out data


This repo contains software with multiple licenses. Refer to the heading of each file for the copyright information and find the LICENSE.

To the extent possible under law, the author(s) have dedicated all copyright and related and neighboring rights to this software to the public domain worldwide. This software is distributed without any warranty. You should have received a copy of the CC0 Public Domain Dedication along with this software. If not, see

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