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PEDA - Python Exploit Development Assistance for GDB

Key Features:

  • Enhance the display of gdb: colorize and display disassembly codes, registers, memory information during debugging.
  • Add commands to support debugging and exploit development (for a full list of commands use peda help):
    • aslr -- Show/set ASLR setting of GDB
    • checksec -- Check for various security options of binary
    • dumpargs -- Display arguments passed to a function when stopped at a call instruction
    • dumprop -- Dump all ROP gadgets in specific memory range
    • elfheader -- Get headers information from debugged ELF file
    • elfsymbol -- Get non-debugging symbol information from an ELF file
    • lookup -- Search for all addresses/references to addresses which belong to a memory range
    • patch -- Patch memory start at an address with string/hexstring/int
    • pattern -- Generate, search, or write a cyclic pattern to memory
    • procinfo -- Display various info from /proc/pid/
    • pshow -- Show various PEDA options and other settings
    • pset -- Set various PEDA options and other settings
    • readelf -- Get headers information from an ELF file
    • ropgadget -- Get common ROP gadgets of binary or library
    • ropsearch -- Search for ROP gadgets in memory
    • searchmem|find -- Search for a pattern in memory; support regex search
    • shellcode -- Generate or download common shellcodes.
    • skeleton -- Generate python exploit code template
    • vmmap -- Get virtual mapping address ranges of section(s) in debugged process
    • xormem -- XOR a memory region with a key


git clone ~/peda
echo "source ~/peda/" >> ~/.gdbinit
echo "DONE! debug your program with gdb and enjoy"



pattern arg