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Personal Website

This repository is currently used for my personal landing page.

Open Issues License

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Table of Contents

About The Project

Project Screenshot

This is my personal website built with Jekyll and hosted on Github Pages, which is based on the new Neumorphism design trend and was developed with a mobile-first approach.. This can be used by developers, who want to showcase their resume and portfolio. If you want to use this for your own portfolio, I have created a boilerplate version of this without my branding, another preloader and particles.js integrated into the landing page. Fork the repository Neumorphism and then refer to the README for more.

Built With


  • Mobile-First Responsive Design
  • Animated preloader animation
  • Landing Page with my animated Logo, a Typing Carousel and animated social icons
  • Dark Neumorphism Design on main content
  • Animations On Scroll
  • Filterable Skills word cloud
  • Github's API automatically populating the Open Source Projects section
  • Gulp dev workflow with BrowserSync, Autoprefixer and JS & SCSS minifying.
  • Google Analytics

Getting Started

I value keeping my site open source, but as you all know, plagiarism is bad. I would appreciate it, if you would give me credit by attribution, similar to how I give credits to other developers at Acknowledgements.

Fork the repository Neumorphism and then refer to the README for more.


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.