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longwa opened pull request grails/grails-core#9465
Fixes issue #9461 - Error rendering template with explicit layout
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longwa deleted branch issue-9461 at longwa/grails-core
longwa created branch 2.5.x at longwa/grails-core
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Sample at: Browse to: http://localhost:8080/templateLayoutBug/book/index

longwa created branch master at longwa/grails-9461
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Grails 2.5.3: render template with explicit layout fails

I think this should be webRequest.getServletContext(). For whatever reason getServletContext() returns null in cases where a template is rendered w…

longwa commented on issue grails/grails-core#592

@graemerocher Is there any workaround for this issue in 3.0.9? This is pretty much a show stopper for us as we have a large multi-project build and…

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    one last attempt to fix this typo

We are seeing the same behavior. I created a simple test app that renders the grails_logo.png on the index.gsp.…

longwa created repository longwa/grails3-asset-url
longwa commented on pull request grails/grails-core#9414

This is pretty annoying for us as we have a lot of things in assets/lib that aren't working. Would be nice to see if this can make 3.0.10

longwa edited the longwa/build-test-data wiki

As a workaround, you can augment the processResources task dependency in a plugin project's build.gradle to copy the lib directory: task copyLibAss…

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