Vagrant configuration for Bpipe ( development.
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Vagrant configuration for Bpipe ( development.



  • Tested on Ubuntu 13.04 x64 VM
  • Uses a mixture of shell and Puppet provisioning - the order is fixed at the moment
  • Should work on apt based systems, which are hard coded for some installations
  • GridGain source files are removed from the git clone - include the binary and remove this step from init.pp if you want GridGain support

Quick Start

Checkout code. Requires command line git. Download manually from GitHub otherwise.

git clone
cd bpipe-vagrant

Get the required additional binaries and place them in the files directory. See the Files section below for detail. Note: Java may require login to download. Groovy can be downloaded directly. For example, using wget on the command line:

wget -P files

Add a vagrant box and name it in line with manifests/init.pp, e.g. ubuntu-raring-x64 from

vagrant box add ubuntu-raring-x64

Start machine from the top level directory. This will be /vagrant inside your VM. Source code will be in /home/vagrant/bpipe

vagrant up

Enter machine

vagrant ssh

Build the source code

cd /home/vagrant/bpipe
./gradlew dist

Run tests.

cd /home/vagrant/bpipe/tests

Run bpipe


Edit the source, build, commit etc


MIT license, see LICENSE


####Vagrantfile#### Customise the following:

  • -> match this to a named Vagrant box you've added to your system.
  • puppet.facter --> Modify if you wish to clone from a source other than This will probably require the use of .netrc

####Files#### Configuration files that are served to the Puppet provisioner:

bashrc.txt = ~/.bashrc 		--> based on Ubuntu 13.04 default bashrc, defines JAVE_HOME, GROOVY_HOME and GRADLE_HOME
gitconfig.txt = ~/.gitconf 	--> username and email address for git
netrc.txt = ~/.netrc		--> allow git automation if accessing a non-public repository (optional)

In addition to the configuration files, the following need to be obtained and included in this folder as per

For example:

Any changes to the Java or Groovy versions need to be reflected in manifests/init.pp as well.


Manifest by default assumes:

  • Groovy 2.2.1 and Java 7u51 x64.
  • .netrc is not required