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ESboy – GAME BOY™ emulator Build Status

Tetris DX running on Chrome

GAME BOY™ running in your browser. Compatibility List

Goal of this project is to write the GAME BOY™ CPU and rest of controllers (memory, gpu, timers, i/o etc) from scratch using ECMAScript 6, Canvas API and Web Audio API.


  • Try it online!
  • Offline: clone/download this repository and open index.html in your browser.

Hardware accuracy

Blargg's CPU instructions tests:

Test Result
Blargg test 1
Blargg test 2
Blargg test 3
Blargg test 4
Blargg test 5
Blargg test 6
Blargg test 7
Blargg test 8
Blargg test 9
Blargg test 10
Blargg test 11



  • npm install
  • npm run build

Run all tests

npm test


Open index.html.

Run in console without a browser:

npm run cli -- -i <rom file> --debug


GNU GPLv3 License.