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// Copyright (c) 1996-2001 Symbian Ltd. All rights reserved.
#ifndef __E32IMAGE_H__
#define __E32IMAGE_H__
#include <fstream.h>
#include <e32std.h>
#include "pe_defs.h"
#include "pe_file.h"
// 4K alignment and 4 byte alignment macros
//#define ALIGN4K(a) ((a+0xfff)&0xfffff000)
//#define ALIGN4(a) ((a+0x3)&0xfffffffc)
const TInt KOrdinalBase=1;
const TUint KImageDll=0x01;
const TUint KImageNoCallEntryPoint=0x02;
const TUint KImageFixedAddressExe=0x04;
enum TCpu {ECpuUnknown=0, ECpuX86=0x1000, ECpuArm=0x2000, ECpuMCore=0x4000};
class E32ImageHeader
TUint32 iUid1;
TUint32 iUid2;
TUint32 iUid3;
TUint32 iCheck;
TUint iSignature; // 'EPOC'
TCpu iCpu; // 0x1000 = X86, 0x2000 = ARM, 0x4000 = M*Core
TUint iCheckSumCode; // sum of all 32 bit words in .text
TUint iCheckSumData; // sum of all 32 bit works in .data
TVersion iVersion;
TInt64 iTime;
TUint iFlags; // 0 = exe, 1 = dll, +2 = no call entry points
TInt iCodeSize; // size of code, import address table, constant data and export dir
TInt iDataSize; // size of initialised data
TInt iHeapSizeMin;
TInt iHeapSizeMax;
TInt iStackSize;
TInt iBssSize;
TUint iEntryPoint; // offset into code of entry point
TUint iCodeBase; // where the code is linked for
TUint iDataBase; // where the data is linked for
TInt iDllRefTableCount; // filling this in enables E32ROM to leave space for it
TUint iExportDirOffset; // offset into the file of the export address table
TInt iExportDirCount;
TInt iTextSize; // size of just the text section, also doubles as the offset for the iat w.r.t. the code section
TUint iCodeOffset; // file offset to code section
TUint iDataOffset; // file offset to data section
TUint iImportOffset; // file offset to import section
TUint iCodeRelocOffset; // relocations for code and const
TUint iDataRelocOffset; // relocations for data
TProcessPriority iPriority; // priority of this process
class E32ImportBlock
TInt Size();
TUint32 iOffsetOfDllName; // offset of name of dll importing from
TInt iNumberOfImports; // number of imports from this dll
// TUint32 iImport[iNumberOfImports];
class E32ImportSection
TInt iSize; // size of this section
// E32ImportBlock[iDllRefTableCount];
class E32RelocSection
TInt iSize; // size of this relocation section
TInt iNumberOfRelocs; // number of relocations in this section
class E32ImageFile
TInt Open(const TText *const aFileName);
TBool Translate(PEFile &aPEFile);
TBool Translate(const TText * const aFileName, TUint aDataBase, TBool aAllowDllData);
void Adjust(TInt aSize);
TUint VaOfOrdinal(TUint aOrdinal);
void RelocateSection(char* aPtr, char *aRelocs, TUint aCodeDelta, TUint aDataDelta, char* aImagePtr, TLinAddr** aIATRefs);
TUint TextOffset();
TUint ImportAddressTableOffset();
TUint ConstOffset();
TUint DataOffset();
TUint BssOffset();
TUint CheckSumCode();
TUint CheckSumData();
TInt NumberOfImports();
TInt IsValid();
TInt IsDll();
void Dump(TText *aFileName);
void DumpHeader();
void DumpData();
void CreateExportName(char *aName);
void SetStackSize(TInt aSize);
void SetHeapSizeMin(TInt aSize);
void SetHeapSizeMax(TInt aSize);
void SetUids(TUid aUid1, TUid aUid2, TUid aUid3);
void SetCallEntryPoints(TInt aBool);
void SetFixedAddress(TInt aBool);
void SetPriority(TProcessPriority aPri);
static TInt IsE32ImageFile(char *aFileName);
TInt DoCodeHeader(PEFile &aPeFile);
TInt DoDataHeader(PEFile &aPeFile, TUint aDataBase);
TInt CopyCode(char *aPtr, PEFile &aPeFile);
TInt CopyData(char *aPtr, PEFile &aPeFile);
TInt CopyImportAddrTable(char *aPtr, PEFile &aPeFile);
char *CreateImportSection(const PEFile &aPeFile, TInt &aSize);
void CreateExportSection(char *aPtr, PEFile &aPeFile);
void CreateExportDirectory(char *aPtr, PEFile &aPeFile);
void FixExportDirectory(TUint *aExportDir, PEFile &aPeFile);
void FixRelocs(PEFile &aPeFile, TUint *relocation, TUint *relocsection, TInt aNumberOfRelocs);
char *CreateCodeRelocs(TUint *reloc, TUint *relocsection, TInt nrelocs, TInt &aSize);
char *CreateDataRelocs(TUint *reloc, TUint *relocsection, TInt nrelocs, TInt &aSize);
TUint FixAddress(PEFile &aPeFile, TUint va);
TUint FixImportThunk(PEFile &aPeFile, TUint va);
char *iData;
TInt iSize;
E32ImageHeader *iHeader;
char *iFileName;
char *iExportName;
PIMAGE_SECTION_HEADER iPeHeader[KNumberOfSections];
char *iPeData[KNumberOfSections];
TUint iConstOffset;
TUint iCrtOffset;
ofstream &operator<<(ofstream &os, const E32ImageFile &aImage);
ifstream &operator>>(ifstream &is, E32ImageFile &aImage);