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@@ -5,16 +5,11 @@ Don't delete your records, move them to a different table.
Like <code>acts\_as\_paranoid</code>, but doesn't mess with your SQL queries.
-Tested with Ruby 1.8.6, 1.8.7, and 1.9.1.
-sudo gem install acts_as_archive --source
+sudo gem install acts_as_archive
@@ -39,19 +34,17 @@ end
Run acts\_as\_archive
cd your_rails_app
acts_as_archive Article
+Run this command every time you add <code>acts\_as\_archive</code> to a new model.
This command creates your archive tables (<code>archived_articles</code> as per the example).
Archive tables mirror your table's structure, but with an additional <code>deleted_at</code> column.
-Run this command every time you add <code>acts\_as\_archive</code> to a new model.
That's it!
@@ -62,7 +55,7 @@ Records move into the archive table instead of being destroyed.
What if my schema changes?
-Any new migrations on your table are automatically applied to the archive table.
+New migrations are automatically applied to the archive table.
Query the archive
@@ -85,7 +78,7 @@ Article.restore_all([ 'id = ?', 1 ])
Auto-migrate from acts\_as\_paranoid
-If you previously used <code>acts\_as\_paranoid</code>, running the <code>acts\_as\_archive</code>
+If you previously used <code>acts\_as\_paranoid</code>, the <code>acts\_as\_archive</code>
command will automatically move your deleted records to the archive table
(see <a href="#run_acts_as_archive">_Run acts\_as\_archive_</a>).
@@ -104,5 +97,5 @@ class Article < ActiveRecord::Base
-Run the <code>acts\_as\_archive</code> command any time you add new indexes
+Run the <code>acts\_as\_archive</code> command upon adding new indexes
(see <a href="#run_acts_as_archive">_Run acts\_as\_archive_</a>).

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