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Sends data to Braze via REST API

The Braze actions enables you to flag users within Braze via the Rest API Endpoint from a Looker look. This actions requires that a dimension is tagged with braze_id. The action will append the flagged value to the user's looker_export custom attribute. Standard and custom attributes can also be set by tagging the field with braze[] and the name of the attribute within [] ie braze[NAMEOFATTRIBUTE].

Only existing users will be flagged. Does not work with pivoted data

Setup Instructions

  1. Create an Rest API key with access to user.track from the Braze Developer Console
  2. Setup the Braze Looker Action with the API Key, and Braze Rest Endpoint
  3. Within Looker develop:
    1. Select the appropriate views.
    2. Add braze_id to the dimensions tag.
  4. Optional, any attributes can also be set by using a tag of braze[] with the name of the attribute between the [] ie if you want a custom attribute of User Segment to be sent, then the tag would be braze[User Segment].
    • Note the following:
      • Attribute will only be sent if it's included as a field within the look.
      • Attribute name are case sensitive.
      • Supported types are: Strings, Booleans, Numbers and Dates.
      • Standard attributes can also be set as long as they matched the standard user profiles name exactly.
      • The full tag will be within quotes, so it should look like tags: ["braze[first_name]"]. Other tags can also be assigned but will be ignored.


  1. Within a look with a braze_id dimension selected, click the Settings () on the upper right, and select Send...
  2. Select the Custom Braze Action
  3. From the drop down, select the appropriate Unique User Key for the Braze account. Possible settings: * external_id * braze_id
  4. Give the export a name. If none is provided, LOOKER_EXPORT will be used.
  5. Advanced options: Select Results in Table or All Results
  6. Click Send.

Braze Dashboard

If the export was correctly sent, then the user's custom attribute looker_export should now be set.

If a tagged attribute was selected within the look, then the attribute will also be sent.

Braze Segments

To target the flagged users, a Braze Segments can be created that matches the flagged value.


  • Only works with non-pivoted data.
  • Currently, the api is limited to 100,000 rows sent.
    • Please be aware of any data point usage.
  • Final count of user's flag maybe be lower due to duplicates or non-users.
  • Optional Attribute tags are case sensitive and will be sent as defined.
    • If standard attributes are tagged, then they must matched the standard attribute name exactly.

Sample Outgoing API

Sample of the Outgoing API which will be sent to the /user/track/ endpoint.

   "api_key" : "[API_KEY]",
   "attributes" : [
        "external_id" : "user_01",
        "_update_existing_only" : true,
        "looker_export" : { "add" : ["LOOKER"] },
        "first_name" : "first name",
        "custom attribute" : "custom attribute"
        "external_id" : "user_02",
        "_update_existing_only" : true,
        "looker_export" : { "add" : ["LOOKER"] },
        "first_name" : "first name",
        "custom attribute" : "custom attribute"
        "external_id" : "user_03",
        "_update_existing_only" : true,
        "looker_export" : { "add" : ["LOOKER"] },
        "first_name" : "first name",
        "custom attribute" : "custom attribute"
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