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# All the facts we've built around the users
explore: user_joins {
extension: required
join: user_order_facts {relationship: many_to_one
sql_on: ${user_order_facts.user_id} = ${} ;;}
join: user_event_attribution {view_label:"Users" relationship:many_to_one
sql_on: ${user_event_attribution.user_id} = ${} ;;}
join: lifetime_brand {view_label:"Users" relationship:one_to_many
sql: LEFT JOIN UNNEST(SPLIT(${user_order_facts.lifetime_brands},'|RECORD|')) as lifetime_brand ;;}
join: lifetime_product_category { view_label:"Users" relationship:one_to_many
sql: LEFT JOIN UNNEST(SPLIT(${user_order_facts.lifetime_product_categories},'|RECORD|')) as lifetime_product_category ;;}
join: zip_demographics {relationship:many_to_one
sql_on: ${} = ${};;}
join: probability_male {relationship:many_to_one
sql_on: ${users.first_name} = UPPER(${}) ;;}
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