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Exception thrown when calling #alive #55

xaviershay opened this issue May 16, 2017 · 2 comments

Exception thrown when calling #alive #55

xaviershay opened this issue May 16, 2017 · 2 comments


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Using the example in the README, with netrc configuration:

/Users/xavier/.gem/ruby/2.3.1/gems/looker-sdk-0.0.5/lib/looker-sdk/authentication.rb:39:in `[]': no implicit conversion of Symbol into Integer (TypeError)
	from /Users/xavier/.gem/ruby/2.3.1/gems/looker-sdk-0.0.5/lib/looker-sdk/authentication.rb:39:in `set_access_token_from_params'
	from /Users/xavier/.gem/ruby/2.3.1/gems/looker-sdk-0.0.5/lib/looker-sdk/authentication.rb:32:in `block in authenticate'
	from /Users/xavier/.gem/ruby/2.3.1/gems/looker-sdk-0.0.5/lib/looker-sdk/authentication.rb:17:in `without_authentication'
	from /Users/xavier/.gem/ruby/2.3.1/gems/looker-sdk-0.0.5/lib/looker-sdk/authentication.rb:29:in `authenticate'
	from /Users/xavier/.gem/ruby/2.3.1/gems/looker-sdk-0.0.5/lib/looker-sdk/authentication.rb:10:in `ensure_logged_in'
	from /Users/xavier/.gem/ruby/2.3.1/gems/looker-sdk-0.0.5/lib/looker-sdk/client.rb:252:in `request'
	from /Users/xavier/.gem/ruby/2.3.1/gems/looker-sdk-0.0.5/lib/looker-sdk/client.rb:72:in `get'
	from /Users/xavier/.gem/ruby/2.3.1/gems/looker-sdk-0.0.5/lib/looker-sdk/client.rb:193:in `alive'
	from test.rb:9:in `<main>'

This seems weird because:

  • Documentation claims it's not even trying to authenticate, but stack trace looks like it is.
  • I know my supplied credentials are invalid, I'd expect an error message that suggests as much, rather than the inscrutable no implicit conversion error.
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I agree that the code doesn't do what the comments claim. It hasn't for a long time. I think that expectation got broken very early on when the sdk was changed to automatically manage its authentication. I'll make a PR with a fix.

The exact error condition there surprises me. The implication is that the server returned a 200 OK for the /login request but, the result body was not of the form expected. I would not expect that of a real Looker instance.

jbandhauer added a commit that referenced this issue May 24, 2017
fix alive. add alternative. fix #55
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Thank you! Our looker is behind an in-house proxy authentication service, so possible that's contributing to the weirdness you noticed.

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