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alternative for the appengine conversion api which was decommissioned November 2012

provides a webservice to convert pdf -> image & image -> image

integrates Ghostscript & ImageMagick with a thin NodeJS web wrapper with easy deployment on Heroku (free!)

released under a Apache 2.0 style license



simply method=POST enctype=multipart/form-data an uploaded file to the server, with some arguments, and it'll return the result

view AppEngine Java for an example Java client that saves output to the blobstore


  1. install the heroku toolbelt and setup your account
  2. read these directions for setting up a NodeJS app
  3. git clone this repo
  4. heroku create to create an appserver
  5. git push heroku master to push this code up to heroku
  6. heroku config:add NODE_ENV=production
  7. heroku ps:scale web=1 to start the server
  8. u: nixon p: @#$jfiehd1


  1. see above for setting up the toolbelt and cloning this repo
  2. sudo npm install -g nodemon to install nodemon globally
  3. npm install to install the rest of the node dependencies locally
  4. brew install ghostscript && brew install imagemagick - you will need to install brew first
  5. foreman start to start the server
  6. http://localhost:5000/ u: nixon p: @#$jfiehd1

documentation on how Ghostscript/ImageMagick can be compiled on Heroku