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BurstLogging is a smart logging library that allows emitting detailed debug information in production environment without polluting the log file with unnecessary messages. During normal operation only informational messages are logged. However, when an error occurs, previously gathered debug messages are logged as well.

It works by temporarily keeping all log records in a buffer. It preserves their chronological order by dropping debug messages that are older than the recently logged message. There is no huge performance penalty because message is formatted only when it's emitted.


The package is on PyPI, to install it type:

pip install burstlogging


To use BurstLogging all you need to do is to create and configure a BurstHandler decorator (only target is necessary, other parameters are optional and their default values are shown below):

		level=logging.NOTSET, emitLevel=logging.INFO, burstLevel=logging.ERROR,
		capacity=1000, threshold=0.8)


  • target - actual handler that will format the logs; note that it will also filter them based on its own level
  • level - log level to be emitted only during burst
  • emitLevel - log level to be always emitted
  • burstLevel - log level to cause a burst
  • capacity - size of a log buffer; when it's too small then some debug logs may be lost, when it's too big logs will be emitted with a delay
  • threshold - part of buffer to be purged on overflow; smaller value increases performance, but may cause some debug logs to be lost

See a complete usage example in


This is a relatively new constantly evolving project. To see, propose and discuss ideas visit enhancements.