A script to generate CV and other documents in PDF format from HTML source
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A script to generate CV/Resume and other documents in PDF format from HTML source. It's based on wkhtmltopdf tool, which in turn uses WebKit rendering engine.

Cool thing about this utility is that you can work on your CV in a web browser, use CSS templating capabilities like hiding and replacing text, chose alternative styles using standard browser mechanisms and generally utilize the full expressive potential of familiar HyperText Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript.

Example style is included (loosely based on Wordpress Twenty Thirteen theme), but the concept is more interesting than the actual implementation. In other words, I hope you'll create your own unique design for your CV.


wkhtmltopdf. On Debian for example it can be installed as follows:

apt-get install wkhtmltopdf

However, the version shipped by default is not complete, it's better to install directly from downloads page


To generate a CV PDF run:

./cv.sh example-cv.html css/medium.css css/example-company.css

This will generate medium-sized example-cv.pdf file in current directory.

To generate cover letter PDF run:

./cv.sh example-letter.html css/example-company.css

You can specify as many CSS styles as you want.

For serious usage I suggest adding directory called private/ and creating a separate git repository in it. It can contain HTML content files and styles specific for role types and companies. It will be automatically ignored by this project to prevent sharing sensitive files, but changes can be independently tracked via a private git repository.

Example Output

Example CV Screenshot