Digital Token Wallet powered by Bitcoin
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Pockets Payment

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Tokenly Pockets

Digital Token Wallet powered by Bitcoin

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Release Notes

v0.0.0 - Initial fork from LTB Companion v0.4.6 and re-branding

v0.1.0 - Primary token is BTC with BTC price feed, Tokenly branding

v0.1.3 - Fix pin splash asset display bug, Exchange Rates app

v0.1.4 - New payment button class, Exchange Rates update, Add option to disable parsing

v0.1.5 - Convert to standard BTC/USD exchange rate

v0.1.6 - Payment page updates

v0.1.7 - Show unconfirmed tx amounts, show pending new features

v0.1.8 - Fund Development App

v0.1.9 - Hide/Show passphrase input fields, added Swapbots to Exchange Rate app

v0.1.10 - Add XCP and LTBCOIN to Exchange Rates app

v0.1.11 - Import/Export Address Labels

v0.1.12 - now used for BTC/USD rate

v0.1.13 - Fixes mining fee bug when sending tokens

v0.1.14 - Fixes BTC send Insufficient Funds bug

v0.1.15 - Help button and overlay, BTC added to transaction history

v0.2.0 - BVAM via Webtorrent, Glidera integration


  • Send Bitcoin and Counterparty assets
  • Passphrase interoperability with Counterwallet
  • Client-side passphrase encryption
  • Message signing
  • BTC/USD rate

Please report all issues at