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Automate Swagger 2.0 to Postman 2.0 updates

Convert local Swagger 2.0 file to Postman 2.0, and then update Postman collection using Postman API

To get started

  • Get a Postman API key from the Postman integrations dashboard
  • Keep your key secret by creating a new file with your key called secrets.js in the root of this directory. For example:
module.exports = {
       "key": "e3da74f605fa422b9323c0d6dad39771"
  • To update an existing collection, retrieve the collection_uid and collection_id by submitting a GET request using the Postman API. Use this information to update the relevant sections of the config.js file.
  • Clone this repository.

From the command line:

$ git clone
  • Install your dependencies.

From the command line:

$ npm install

To run the converter.js script

Once you've completed the previous steps, run the following command to convert swagger.json to postman-collection.json, and then update your existing collection in the cloud using the Postman API.

From the command line:

$ node converter.js