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About libjpeg-turbo

Home: http://www.libjpeg-turbo.org/

Package license: IJG, modified 3-clause BSD and zlib

Feedstock license: BSD 3-Clause

Summary: IJG JPEG compliant runtime library with SIMD and other optimizations Can be mixed with libjpeg >= 9:

  • Library files live in custom locations
  • Public symbols are prefixed with "turbo_"
  • Provided headers allow to keep using standard libjpeg API

Current build status

Linux OSX disabled Windows disabled

Current release info

Name Downloads Version Platforms
Conda Recipe Conda Downloads Conda Version Conda Platforms

Installing libjpeg-turbo

Installing libjpeg-turbo from the loopbio channel can be achieved by adding loopbio to your channels with:

conda config --add channels loopbio

Once the loopbio channel has been enabled, libjpeg-turbo can be installed with:

conda install libjpeg-turbo

It is possible to list all of the versions of libjpeg-turbo available on your platform with:

conda search libjpeg-turbo --channel loopbio

Updating libjpeg-turbo-feedstock

If you would like to improve the libjpeg-turbo recipe or build a new package version, please fork this repository and submit a PR. Upon submission, your changes will be run on the appropriate platforms to give the reviewer an opportunity to confirm that the changes result in a successful build. Once merged, the recipe will be re-built and uploaded automatically to the loopbio channel, whereupon the built conda packages will be available for everybody to install and use from the loopbio channel. Note that all branches in the loopbio/libjpeg-turbo-feedstock are immediately built and any created packages are uploaded, so PRs should be based on branches in forks and branches in the main repository should only be used to build distinct package versions.

In order to produce a uniquely identifiable distribution:

  • If the version of a package is not being increased, please add or increase the build/number.
  • If the version of a package is being increased, please remember to return the build/number back to 0.