ANSI color terminal output module for CommonJS (including Node.js)
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ANSI Color Code Output Support for CommonJS + Node.js

This CommonJS module provides basic ANSI color code support, to allow you to format your console output with foreground and background colors as well as providing bold and underline support.

This module does not modify any built-in object prototypes, and so is safe to use with other modules.

Tested on node.js.

Basic usage:

// Load the module
var color = require("ansi-color").set;

// Print the word "Error" to stdout in red
console.log(color("Error", "red"));

// Print the word "Error" in red and underlined
console.log(color("Error", "red+underline"));

// Print the word "Success" in bold green, followed by a message
console.log(color("Success", "green+bold"), "Something was successful!");

Supported Colors/Formats:

Note: Any of the below formatting strings can be combined together by joining together desired formats with a + symbol. Eg: bold+cyan+white_bg

  • Bold Text: bold
  • Underlined Text: underline
  • Blinking Text: blink
  • Black Text: black
  • Red Text: red
  • Green Text: green
  • Yellow Text: yellow
  • Blue Text: blue
  • Magenta Text: magenta
  • Cyan Text: cyan
  • White Text: white
  • Black Background: black_bg
  • Red Background: red_bg
  • Green Background: green_bg
  • Yellow Background: yellow_bg
  • Blue Background: blue_bg
  • Magenta Background: magenta_bg
  • Cyan Background: cyan_bg
  • White Background: white_bg