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jQuery Tokeninput ChangeLog

Version 1.6.0 (2011-08-07)

  • Now possible to pass a function as the URL to search, allowing dynamic endpoints
  • Customize which JSON property to send to the server with the tokenValue setting
  • Fix another tokenLimit bug
  • Added get method to fetch selected tokens programmatically
  • Control which JSON property to search inside with the propertyToSearch setting
  • Customize the token and results html with the resultsFormatter and tokenFormatter settings.
  • Fire a jQuery change event on original input whenever the selected tokens change
  • Fire the new onReady callback when the input has finished initializing
  • Fix bug which would focus the input after prepopulation

Version 1.5.0 (2011-06-12)

  • Added add, remove and clear methods to programmatically modify tokens
  • Support setting of ids on dynamic input (for html label targeting)
  • Fix token limit bug when using prePopulate
  • Various other bug fixes

Version 1.4.2 (2011-03-26)

  • Implemented basic local data search to search without an ajax request
  • Better support for unicode searches
  • Support for pre-population using the data-pre attribute on the original input
  • Fix cross-domain auto detection for relative and absolute path urls
  • Absolutely position the dropdown so it shows above all elements

Version 1.4.1 (2011-03-21)

  • Fix IE 7/8 bug introduced in 1.4
  • Clear hidden input value when initially attaching to tokeninput
  • Fix bug in tokenLimit setting when deleting last token
  • Use mousedown instead of click event in IE when adding tokens

Version 1.4 (2011-03-20)

  • Automatically detect if we should be making crossdomain requests
  • Really fix missing settings object
  • Added support for a theme setting which sets the class name suffix
  • Update onAdd and onDelete callbacks to return both id and name
  • Fix bug where the form would submit ids with a trailing delimiter
  • Increase the maximum cache size to speed things up
  • Input box token now automatically resizes to take up minimal space

Version 1.3 (2011-03-14)

  • Fix token clearing bug in facebook theme
  • Fixed invalid css value (issue #2)
  • Make settings object param optional (issue #29)
  • Initialize prePoulate setting
  • Duplicate checking through preventDuplicates setting
  • Made the delete text configurable through the deleteText setting
  • Fixed input style on ios devices
  • Only show dropdown hints/text if non-null
  • Make the delimiter configurable through tokenDelimiter setting
  • Fix bug which allowed old search results to override newer searches
  • Make dropdown animation optional with animateDropdown setting

Version 1.2 (2011-03-12)

  • Support for cross-domain requests using JSONP with crossDomain setting
  • Added onAdd and onDelete callbacks, fired when tokens are added or deleted
  • Use × instead of x for the delete symbol

Version 1.1 (2009-07-11)

  • Limit the maximum number of tokens using the tokenLimit setting
  • Allow the results to be inside a nested json object in the response using the jsonContainer setting
  • Allow changing of the name of the param containing the search query with the queryParam setting
  • Added onResult callback, allows you to perform pre-processing on returned results before they are displayed in the list
  • Pre-populate the tokeninput with results, using the prePopulate setting
  • Made the delay before searching configurable with the searchDelay setting
  • Only search after X characters have been entered, using the minChars setting
  • Change the http method to use when searching, using the method setting

Version 1.0

  • Initial release