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Cable Notes

This is a concept solution for network administrators to make changes in network cable connection under control. I show you my idea how to use developer tools like Git and VSCode to managing network cable connections, switches, patch panels, and cabinets. Logging changes is simple from today.


We could use simply text file in Markdown format (for quite nice PDF creation to create report) and observe changes with git. Is it too simple? No. I spent many hours to find a free graphic solution to write down connections and changes in LAN. And one day...

It seems to me that it will meet my expectations.


I use following set of tools (you can choose yours):

  1. Code editor - Visual Studio Code.
  2. Git
  3. SourceTree

How it works

With a simply text file with Git we have a tool with following features:

  1. History of commits
  2. Preview of markdown file
  3. Export PDF file from markdown
  4. Planning chances in TODO section
  5. Highlighting string - part of selected panel, switch, etc.
  6. Using SourceTree (or similar tool) to see committed changes
  7. Using grep to see device connection in large file.
  8. Preview modification in Code.

OK, but how?

Use a text file

Pure text in markdown format

I put in two sections:

  1. Uplink Direction (to remember always using one direction: from endpoint to the switch)
  2. TODO. For planned changes. To copypastying.

Formatting source

It should be planned for using text tools in the future (like grep for example).

| source                                   ||||| destination |  
| -------------------------------------------------|-|-|-|-|-|
| Room002 | pc-0409 | S3.P7/12 | IP.38/1 |
| Room005 | pc-0406 | S3.P7/14 | IP.38/2 |

Naming conventions

You should have constant naming conventions. Think about the future. Do I have to talk about it?

Socket signing policy

||  | |___ port (1,23...)
||  |_____ patchpanel (P2,P10...)
||________ cabinet number (1,2,...)
|_________ server rack cabinet (S)

Step by step

Here you see my file in prenatal state. On the left Uplink direction section, on the right markdown preview (you need a plugin probably) pierwszy

After changes and save file we use built-in Source control in VSCode. We can see our changes and make git commit directly from a little window on the top. drugi

AND HERE is the Main Feature. Preview of changes. Log of commits. Excellent. You see who, when, what. You can simply turn back wrong decisions... trzeci


This is concept solution for network administrators.






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