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## About
I wasn't satisfied with any of the methods for automatically signing puppet certificates I found, so I wrote a little rest service that would do a base level of authentication (shared password) and submit a system to be signed. This contains a second script which runs every minute out of cron to sign authenticated certificates.

## Contents - courtesy of! used by register.wsgi - database class, used by register.wsgi and
puppetreg.conf - reference apache wsgi puppetreg service config
puppetreg.sql - schema for DB
register.wsgi - restful json service for authorizing systems submitted for signing to puppet, and presenting general status of signing - script to run as cron, signs authorized puppet certs
wsgi.conf - reference update for generic wsgi config

## Installation

1. install mysql server and create database, something like: mysqladmin create puppetreg; mysql puppetreg < puppetreg.sql
2. install apache, wsgi, and python json,mysql support - on RHEL6: yum -y install httpd mod_ssl mod_wsgi MySQL-python
3. configure wsgi service and put,, register.wsgi, and under the same directory
4. configure:
 - db information
 - register.wsgi: sharedpass, domainname, vpcprefix
5. add a cron job running every minute
6. test it with something like: 
export NODE=`uname -n`; curl -H "Accept: application/json" -X POST -d '{"pass": "sharedpass", "node": "'${NODE}'"}' http://puppet/puppetreg/submit

That should be it!

NOTE: I would HIGHLY recommend putting the restful service behind SSL so no one can snoop your shared secret!


A securish automated puppet cert signing method



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