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A lightweight browser/editor for zookeeper
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A lightweight browser/editor for zookeeper

== Usage

zkNavigator is a bottle based application that gives you a quick and dirty zookeeper viewer/editor in your browser. It requires python kazoo to function, but everything beyond that is packaged here. Once you install kazoo, to get started just configure zk.conf for your environment, launch ./ and point your browser at localhost:8080

== Configuration

=== default section

env - defines what zookeeper configuration to use below RE: alpha

apptype - to use as described above, set to standalone but can also be used under wsgi - options: standalone, wsgi

rootdir = - path your running this from

templatedir - path to your views directory

virtualenv - running under virtualenv?: True/False

activate_this - if True above, this is your path to

These are examples multiple environment configurations. You need to have at least one section that maps to env in the default section:

server = localhost
port = 2181
root = /

server =
port = 2181
root = /

server =
port = 2181
root = /

=== fe section

baseurl - where do you hit / for this app?

enabledelete - enable the delete link on all the zNodes, kinda dangerous - options: T/F

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