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PGF More Pages

This is an extension of the pgfpages package that is made available through the TikZ/PGF package. The key addition is the ability to split a number of logical pages over a number of physical pages. The original package only allows consideration of one physical page at a time.

Another extra feature is that it is possible to change the layout mid-document with a new use of \pgfpagesuselayout. In particular, the layout 1 on 1 effectively resets the layout back to normal (in point of fact, it maintains the pgfpages mechanism but just puts one logical page on each physical page).

I've used this package a few times in answers on TeX-SX so that's a useful source of examples.


Put the file pgfmorepages.sty somewhere that TeX can find it.


Usage is the same as, and is compatible with, pgfpages. In your preamble put:


Note that this is a replacement for pgfpages so will complain if that is already loaded.

I've started putting extra layouts in a separate file so if you want to use one of these layouts, you need to issue the following command after loading the package and before using one of these layouts. To see which layouts are "extra", see below.


To choose a layout, use:

\pgfpagesuselayout{5 index cards}

exactly as for pgfpages. The layouts for pgfpages are available for pgfmorepages as are several new ones.

Layout Options

I've added another option to the set of keys that can be specified in the layout command:

\pgfpagesuselayout{2 on 1}[border code=\pgfusepath{draw}]

When pgf(more)pages sets up a logical page, it puts a rectangle path around it. The layout specification can use that path in some way. This option exposes that to the user at call time as well (providing the layout specification allows for it, most have been adapted to do so).

Predefined Layouts

The available layouts are as follows.


These are from the original pgfpages package:

  • rounded corners
  • resize to
  • two screens with lagging second
  • two screens with optional second
  • 2 on 1
  • 4 on 1
  • 6 on 1
  • 8 on 1
  • 16 on 1

Extra Layouts

These are loaded via the command \pgfmorepagesloadextralayouts:

  • 4 on 2, odd then even
  • 4 on 2, even then odd
  • 4 on 2, book format
  • 8 on 4, book format
  • 8 on 4, book format, reverse second, single sided
  • 5 index cards
  • repeated 2-up
  • repeated 4-up
  • 1 on 1
  • discard
  • zine

NB There used to be a layout called 1 repeated 4 times on 1. Use repeated 4-up instead.


  1. Use resize to to enlarge a page.

    \pgfpagesuselayout{resize to}[a4paper]
  2. Repeat a page multiple times for printing (with enlarging).

    \pgfpagesuselayout{repeated 4-up}[a4paper]
  3. Use 1 on 1 to reset back to "normal".

    \pgfpagesuselayout{repeated 4-up}[a4paper]
    Some stuff taking a few pages that will be repeated.
    \pgfpagesuselayout{1 on 1}
    Back to one logical page per physical page.
  4. Use discard to ignore whole pages

    Some stuff taking a few pages that will be ignored.
    \pgfpagesuselayout{1 on 1}
    Back to one logical page per physical page.


An extension of the pgfpages package to add greater customisability







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