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Fog of War plugin for Unreal Engine 4. Based on the excellent code by Isvulfe
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This is a Fog of War plugin for Unreal Engine 4. It is based on the Fog of War Tutorial by Isvulfe on the Unreal Engine forums.

Right now the code is nearly identical to that of the thread, except for some minor changes to get it running on UE 4.19 and turning it into a plugin. This will change in the future as will use modify this in order to make it a better fit for my other projects.


  1. Save/clone into the Plugins/ directory at the project root
  2. Compile. You will need to right click on the .uproject in your project and select Generate Visual Studio project files so VS is aware of the new source files.
  3. Add FogOfWar to PublicDependencyModuleNames in your .Build.cs

The best (and AFAIK only) documentation is the original thread



  • Support different fog colors
  • Add FogOfWarComponent that handles registration with the FogOfWarManager and keeps track of per-actor settings like sight range
  • Move code from LevelInfo Blueprint to the AFogOfWarManager

Version 1.0 - 15.07.2018

  • First version, mostly original code from the thread on the Unreal Engine Forums
  • Runs on UE 4.19
  • Turned into a plugin
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