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Signalmon is a game that encourages you to go offline. JS13k 2018 entry.
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Signalmon is a tamagochi-like game. When you first run this game, you get to meet your own Signalmon. They will live in your browser forever.

The signalmon has basic needs like

  • Hunger/Food
  • Energy/Sleep
  • Mood/Fun

You can affect the moods of your signalmon with certain actions:

  • Give him food
  • Buy him a mattress or comfy bed to sleep when tires
  • Give him toys to play
  • Attract buzzing creatures

The environment has an effect on your Signalmon. You see, there are lots of bugs in the world of Signalmon that affect the mood of your friend.

Wiflies 🕷

These insects thrive in Wifi rich environments. Whenever you are in an area with good coverage they will start to show up.

They are very annoying and constantly try to sting your friend. They will bring your Signalmon's mood down so you might want to go offline for a while. But if you capture a bunch of them, you can make them into nutricious meals and feed them to your Signalmon.

Buzzards 🦎

Curious little beings, attracted by loud noises. Whenever you are in an area with lots of music or noise, they start to show up.

These insects are also noisy. If a bunch of them are around, Signalmons can't sleep. But their buzzing sound will improve the Signalmon's mood.

Privacy notice

This game asks for microphone permission because the microphone is a game element. No sound is actually recorded and only the noise level is used. This game makes no network connection whatsoever.

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