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Worry less about $$$ and focus on attending an upcoming tech conference! This bot retweets info about conference scholarships.
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Worry less about $$$ and focus on attending an upcoming tech conference!

This bot will retweet info about tech conference scholarships.

Project Goal:

A bot that automatically searches for mentions of technology conference scholarships at set time intervals. Yielded results are automatically retweeted.

Target Audience:

Aspiring and current tech students who wouldn't be able to attend tech conferences without financial assistance

Personal Learning Goals:

  • Scheduling recurring, automated tasks with cron (and perhaps Whenever gem assistance)
  • Getting a bot to post all by itself (you can do it, little bot!)
  • Learning more about the bot community. Release the bots! 👾👾👾

Technologies / Frameworks / Patterns

  • Rails
  • Possibly chatterbot. I need to research more about this library
  • cron
  • Possibly whenever
  • Twitter API
  • VCR for testing

Tech Dependencies

  • My bot's life depends on Twitter! We'll need to play well with their TOS.

Skill Dependences

  • This will be my first foray into bots, #botlyfe, and being a #botALLY. Wish me luck! I'll need to dig through bot community forums, guides, and projects for implementation ideas
  • My little bot's health will depend on TDD

What Success Looks Like

  • Getting CoinForTechConf to retweet relevant scholarship info by itself
  • Avoid retweeting offensive and irrelevant content

Added Fun

  • Filtering search results by certain criteria: Number of favorites and retweets, very specific keywords, etc
  • Having CoinForTechConf add its own hashtags to retweets for easier sorting
  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Having CoinForTechConf remember deadlines mentioned and tweet out periodic application reminders

Resources (List Ongoing)

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