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Ursula the Sea Bot

A bot that riffs off Ursula's incantation in "Poor Unfortunate Souls" @seawitchspells

Many word substitutions selected with @aparrish's pronouncing library using:

  • syllable stress searches
  • syllable counting
  • phoneme searches

Original Verses

Beluga, Sevruga
Come winds of the Caspian Sea
Larynxes, glossitis
Et Max Laryngitis
La voce to me
- "Poor Unfortunate Souls" in The Little Mermaid

Mascara, tiara
Yea, winds of the tropics appear
Catharsis, lavorious
Et qua manicurus
mutato me here!
- from a "Poor Unfortunate Souls" Broadway show reprise draft

V2 Incantation Formula Updates

First line:

Substitutes for "Beluga, sevruga":

  • Three syllables
  • Has a ˘`˘ syllable stress pattern
  • Ends with AH0 (ARPAbet phonetic notation)

Second line:

Substitutes for "Caspian" in "Caspian Sea":

  • Three syllables
  • Has a `˘˘ syllable stress pattern

Third line:

Substitutes for "Larynxes": - Three syllables - Ends with "S IH0 Z" or "S IH0 S" sound (ARPAbet notation), such as "morasses" or "Alexis" - Has a ``˘ syllable stress pattern

V1 Incantation Formula

First line:

  • Two three-syllable words
  • Ending with "a"

Second line:

  • two anapests
  • involving wind
  • A body of water with a name

Third line: Two three-syllable words, Greek roots, medical terminology (Lavorious doesn't really fit this pattern.)

Fourth line Two syllables in Latin-ish, four-syllable word "et" means "and" "qua" - "as" iamb + anapest

Fifth line Issuing of a command Mix of Latin / Italian / English iamb + anapest


Ursula the Sea Bot @seawitchspells



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