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Backtalk: API Web Server
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Backtalk is a web framework for Rust. Much is subject to change and it's not ready for writing production sites, but the structure is there, and I'm glad to answer questions/help out if the documentation isn't enough.

  • Asynchronous – use Futures for everything, handle thousands of concurrent connections.
  • Realtime – expose a streaming API, and push live events to clients.
  • Simple – only a couple hundred lines of code.
  • Opinionated – exclusively for JSON-based RESTful APIs.
  • Magicless – no macros, no unsafe, runs on stable Rust.

A simple server example:

let mut server = Server::new();
let database = memory::MemoryAdapter::new();
server.resource("/cats", move |req: Request| {

You can look in the examples directory for more information, or the blog post walking through the examples.


  • Feathers.js
  • Phoenix