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A curated list of awesome python decorator resources.
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Awesome Python Decorator

A curated list of awesome python decorator resources.

You don't know decorator

Here are some resources about the python decorators.

Built-in python decorator

  • @abc.abstractmethod A decorator indicating abstract methods.
  • @abc.abstractproperty A subclass of the built-in property(), indicating an abstract property.
  • @asyncio.coroutine Decorator to mark generator-based coroutines. New in version 3.4.
  • @atexit.register Register func as a function to be executed at termination.
  • @classmethod Return a class method for function.
  • @contextlib.contextmanager Define a factory function for with statement context managers, without needing to create a class or separate __enter__() and __exit__() methods.
  • @functools.lru_cache Decorator to wrap a function with a memoizing callable that saves up to the maxsize most recent calls. It can save time when an expensive or I/O bound function is periodically called with the same arguments. New in python 3.2.
  • @functools.singledispatch Transforms a function into a single-dispatch generic function. New in python 3.4.
  • @functools.total_ordering Given a class defining one or more rich comparison ordering methods, this class decorator supplies the rest.
  • @functools.wraps This is a convenience function for invoking update_wrapper() as a function decorator when defining a wrapper function.
  • @property Return a property attribute.
  • @staticmethod Return a static method for function.
  • @types.coroutine This function transforms a generator function into a coroutine function which returns a generator-based coroutine. New in python 3.5.
  • @unittest.mock.patch Acts as a function decorator, class decorator or a context manager. Inside the body of the function or with statement, the target is patched with a new object. When the function/with statement exits the patch is undone. New in python 3.3.
  • @unittest.mock.patch.dict Patch a dictionary, or dictionary like object, and restore the dictionary to its original state after the test. New in python 3.3.
  • @unittest.mock.patch.multiple Perform multiple patches in a single call. New in python 3.3.
  • @unittest.mock.patch.object Patch the named member (attribute) on an object (target) with a mock object. New in python 3.3.
  • to be continue

Python decorator in the wild

Once you know the basics of how to use a decorator, you can take a look at some real projects to see how people use decorators in real life.

  • cached-property A decorator for caching properties in classes.
  • cachetools This module provides various memoizing collections and decorators, including variants of the Python 3 Standard Library @lru_cache function decorator.
  • celery Celery is a distributed task queue, it uses decorator to create tasks.
  • click Click is a Python package for creating beautiful command line interfaces, based on declaring commands through decorators. You can also check out the autocommand library which shares a similar idea with click.
  • deco A simplified parallel computing model for Python. DECO automatically parallelizes Python programs, and requires minimal modifications to existing serial programs.
  • decorator This is your best option if you want to preserve the signature of decorated functions in a consistent way across Python releases.
  • fasteners Provides useful locks and decorators to lock/unlock around functions and methods.
  • flask Flask is a micro web framework in python, which uses decorators to route the URL, register error handler, register processor and so on.
  • flask-login Flask-Login provides user session management for Flask. For example, it use the login_required decorator to protect some views that need the user to be logged in.
  • This project is used to look up Chinese administrative divisions. It uses decorators to write Python 2.x and 3.x compatible code.
  • marshmallow A lightweight library for converting complex objects to and from simple Python datatypes. It use decorators to register schema pre-processing and post-processing methods.
  • me-api An extensible, personal API with custom integrations. It uses a decorator to make sure there is an access_token in the configuration file before sending the API request and reject another authentication if there is already an access_token.
  • numba Numba gives you the power to speed up your applications with high performance functions written directly in Python. It uses jit to decorate array-oriented and math-heavy Python code can be just-in-time compiled to native machine instructions, similar in performance to C, C++ and Fortran, without having to switch languages or Python interpreters.
  • lettuce Lettuce is a BDD tool for python. It uses step and steps to decorate functions and classes so they become new step definitions.
  • profilehooks Python decorators for profiling/tracing/timing a single function.
  • pypi-cli pypi-cli is a command-line interface to the Python Package Index. It use decorator to makes a property lazy-evaluated.
  • py-spin py-spin is a terminal spinner package for python. Yes, it does use a decorator to register a function that needs to take a long time to finish, as well as showing a spinner while it's processing!
  • python-goto A function decorator that rewrites the bytecode, enabling goto in python.
  • showme ShowMe is a simple set of extremely useful function decorators for Python. It allows you to view trace information, execution time, cputime, and function documentation.
  • tenacity Simplifies the task of adding retry behavior to just about anything. It originates from a fork of retrying.
  • timeout-decorator Timeout decorator for Python which uses a decorator to limit the execution time of the given function.
  • Tomorrow Tomorrow use decorator to do the magic that let you write asynchronous code with ease.
  • wrapt A Python module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching.


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