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Brightness Controller

This is version 2 of Brightness Controller (beta). It is completely stable and we are working on some more features to be integrated before release.


First, install pyside.

sudo apt-get install python-pyside

Somtimes it is not enough to install and integrate pyside, so you might also try installing pyside using pip.

pip install pyside

Next, download the latest zip file from here.

Extract it and open a terminal. Change directory to the Brightness folder. Next type this command:

python src/


The following features are implemented:

  1. Brightness Control
  2. Reversing Brightness control for primary and secondary monitor in case you want to flip the controls.
  3. Saving color profile
  4. Loading color profile

We are working on the following features:

  1. Auto-loading of color and brightness settings
  2. Checking for update

It should be mentioned that through color profile Red, Green and Blue color ratios are changed in the screen.


There are several dependencies:

  1. python-pyside
  2. xrandr support in your system


Please test v2. Reporting bugs is appreciated.

Version 1

You can find details and installers of the publicly released Brightness Controller version 1.2.2 from here