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- Also show total number of slides when pressing "n"
- Bugfix: only wrap slide children in preprocess_slides_contents(),
and not all descendants
- Bugfix: jump ("j") did not work
Version 0.60 - 2011-11-18
- Calculation of font size is now much more precise
- Padding settings now moved to CSS file, so they can be
* customized without changing the JS file
* be different from screen to PDF/print version
- Fixed ULs and OLs so list markers are inside the div and
there's no risk of them crossing boundaries
- Some code refactoring/optimization
- Allow comments in multislides (lines beginning with //
are ignored). Took the idea from a fork by stevan, but
implemented it differently.
- Fixed a bug which didn't allow to have multiple
multislides in one presentation (thanks stevan)
Version 0.50 - 2011-11-06
Initial release