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Configure margins

Some folks want content to expand as much as possible, others want a lot of free space at borders. See the bottom of presentazion.css (and presentazion-print.css):

#mediatype {
    display: none;
    width: 1px; /* Do not touch */
    padding-top: 50px; /* only px supported */
    padding-left: 50px; /* only px supported */

Change padding-top and padding-left at your choice: the default is sensible enough (I hope).

Create slides

Take a look at presentazion.html and see how sample slides are made. It's easy!

The recommended way of creating slides is the multislides method (see wiki page), which is easier and less verbose.

For more control, you can also create the individual slides in HTML.

General rules

  • Remember to use entities if you want some HTML special char to appear in your slides (<, >, ", &).