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Fork of by Gabriel Coarna, licensed cc-by-nc-sa-3.0.


  • All absolute URLs are now protocol-agnostic.
  • Absolute URLs $R.path and $R.linksPath in target.js need to be updated to point to the server the script and config page are hosted, respectively.
  • Bookmarklet configuration page has been cloned and modified to remove example images and add license information. It also defaults to showing the "configuration overlay".
  • Configuration page GET parsing now works for the "change style" link at bottom of Readable overlay; PHP is required on the server for this to work.
  • Using the "Browser Default" base style no longer tries to fetch a non-existant stylesheet.
  • Added attribution and license info to displayed footer when invoked via bookmarklet.
  • "Report bug" link now points to github issue tracker.


target.js and index.php contain "base URL" variables. Update these to point to where you have placed Readable.

If you are capable of serving the files via http and https, use "//" as the protocol; Otherwise, use "http://".

The default "//" assumes that you've placed a copy of this project in /readable on your server, and that you can serve files securely.

It is possible to separate the configuration page from the assets. In target.js the assets (.css, .js, etc) will be accessed via $R.path, the configuration page via $R.linksPath. In index.php, $baseURL should be the same as $R.path in target.js.