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/// Copy and paste the contents of this file into a scratch file in Android Studio or IntelliJ to try it out.
import java.util.UUID
// General types
data class Team(val id: UUID, val size: Int)
data class TeamMember(val id: String, val name: String)
// Wrapper type
data class WrapperIdentifier(val rawValue: UUID)
data class GenericIdentifier<RawT>(val rawValue: RawT)
// Ensuring the correct entity
data class Identifier<EntityT, RawT>(
val rawValue: RawT
val Identifier<*, UUID>.uuidString: String
get() = rawValue.toString()
typealias RoomId = Identifier<Room, UUID>
data class Room(val id: RoomId)
typealias MeetingId = Identifier<Meeting, UUID>
data class Meeting(val id: MeetingId)
val room = Room(RoomId(UUID.randomUUID()))
val meeting = Meeting(MeetingId(UUID.randomUUID()))
fun bookMeeting(id: MeetingId) {}
// Alternatives
data class MessageId(val raw: UUID)
data class ChatId(val raw: String)
data class PersonId(val raw: Long)
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