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This is the source code to the original, which I started back in 2002. While the code was always available under a AGPL licence, I sold the domain in 2010 due to the time required to deal with all the copyright issues and other complaints the site drew.

This tool was orignally designed to enable collaborative code review via the #php IRC channel. Inspired by, but more streamlined and capable of allowing collabation via IRC by allowing easy modification of posted code. Another benefit is short urls - e.g.

Since then it has found uses in many developer communities and has many improvements made.

It's been in limbo for a while, but from Oct 2013 has been available on GitHub.


To Do

This started out as a single-script site back in 2002, and grew somewhat organically. It could use some cleaning up, and in particular, it needs some unit tests.

Anyone is welcome to make improvements - fork the repository, and if you would like your changes to be considered for this release, just send me pull request.

Further documentation

  • See INSTALL for installation instructions
  • See UPGRADE for information on upgrading pastebin from an older verion
  • See CHANGES for version history
  • See LICENCE for licencing terms


  • email: paul at elphin dot com
  • blog: http:/
  • twitter: @lordelph
  • skype: lordelph