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Basic Intro to Google App Engine on GCP with NodeJS - part of JuniorDev September 2018 Code & Tell
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Building Building Scalable NodeJS Apps on Google's Scalable Infrastructure

Presented as part of JuniorDev September 2018 Code & Tell


To Build the Presentation use Deckset and open Otherwise view presentation.pdf.

Quick Links

Demo Application (Local Build)

You can build and run the demo application, its just a Express App.


  • NodeJS 8 or greater
  • A Good Internet Connection

Developing Locally

  1. Go to /server
  2. Run npm install or yarn to install node

Demo Application (GCP Deployment)

Deploying to Google App Engine (Google Cloud Platform)

  • A Google Account
  • A GCP Account (Google Account)
    • You might want billing enabled (non-free tier), you can get $300 credit if you sign up.
  • GCloud SDK


  1. Create a new GCP Project and follow on-screen instructions
    • Created a unique projectID (i.e. my-project-id)
  2. Go into /server and run gcloud app deploy
    • if this is your first deployment to GCP you will need to login, follow prompts in the CLI terminal
    • If this is your first deployment to Google App Engine, select region, I recommend using australia-southeast1 as we are in Australia 🇦🇺
  3. Go to the app and test online
    • Go to
    • Or just type gcloud app browse

To reconfigure which app is your current working project, type gcloud config set project=my-project-id, replacing my-project-id with the relevant project.


This presentation and demo application is licensed under the MIT Open Source License. To view LICENSE visit here

Copyright 2017 - 2018 © Eric Jiang
Copyright 2018 © Monash University

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