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* eiwic - Extensible Ircbot Written In C
* Copyright (C) Hannes Gräuler <>
* users.c: This file contains functions to manage users on IRC
#include "eiwic.h"
#include "plugins.h"
#include "users.h"
USER *user_add(STRING name)
USER *user;
if ((user = user_find(name)) != NULL)
return user;
user = malloc(sizeof(USER));
bzero(user, sizeof(USER));
user_nickset(user, name);
dlist_ins_next(&e_global->users, dlist_tail(&e_global->users), user);
#ifdef VV_DEBUG
log(LOG_VERBOSE_DEBUG, "User '%s' has been added.", user->nick);
return user;
void user_nickset(USER *user, STRING newnick)
strncpy(user->nick, newnick, sizeof(user->nick)- 1);
void user_remove(USER *user)
if (user)
dlist_remove_and_destroy(&e_global->users, user);
void user_destroy(void *data)
USER *user = data;
USER *user_find(STRING name)
DListElmt *el;
FOR_EACH(&e_global->users, el)
if (strcasecmp(((USER *)el->data)->nick, name) == 0)
return (USER *)el->data;
return NULL;
/*--- end of channel functions ---*/