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* eiwic - Extensible Ircbot Written In C
* Copyright (C) Hannes Gräuler <>
* users.h: This file contains function declarations for users.c
#define MAX_NICKNAME_LEN 255
struct eiwic_user {
u_char nick[MAX_NICKNAME_LEN];
OUTPUT *output, *output_notice;
typedef struct eiwic_user USER;
typedef USER *(pfn_user_add)(STRING);
typedef void (pfn_user_nickset)(USER *, STRING);
typedef void (pfn_user_remove)(USER *);
typedef void (pfn_user_destroy)(void *);
typedef USER *(pfn_user_find)(STRING);
pfn_user_add user_add;
pfn_user_nickset user_nickset;
pfn_user_remove user_remove;
pfn_user_destroy user_destroy;
pfn_user_find user_find;
#endif /* _USERS_H_INCLUDED */
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