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vim plugin to reload your browser, Linux version
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Vim plugin to reload your browser. This is a linux compatible version inspired by the mac version


xdotool v2.2

For Debian and Ubuntu users, you can find the package in synaptic manager but make sure it's not the old v2.0, as the plugin depends on v2.2.

sudo apt-get install xdotool

Otherwise, it's preferred to download the latest version and build it. If you get build errors, make sure you have 'libxext-dev' package.


browser reload:

:ChromeReload <regex>      //reload "Google Chrome" with optional regex for window title
:FirefoxReload     //reload "Firefox"
:OperaReload       //reload "Opera"
:AllBrowserReload  //reload all browser

start auto reload:


stop auto reload:



By default, after reload browser focus will retain back to the vim window.

If you want to stop returnApp and keep the focus on the browser, change variable "g:returnAppFlag" to 0

"default is 1
let g:returnAppFlag = 1

If you want old style commad, write this setting in your .vimrc

command! -bar Cr silent ChromeReload
command! -bar Fr silent FirefoxReload
command! -bar Or silent OperaReload
command! -bar Ar silent AllBrowserReload
"auto reload start
command! -bar CrStart silent ChromeReloadStart
command! -bar FrStart silent FirefoxReloadStart
command! -bar OrStart silent OperaReloadStart
command! -bar ArStart silent AllBrowserReloadStart
"auto reload stop
command! -bar CrStop silent ChromeReloadStop
command! -bar FrStop silent FirefoxReloadStop
command! -bar OrStop silent OperaReloadStop
command! -bar ArStop silent AllBrowserReloadStop
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