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Wasabi 2D

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A fast, cutting-edge 2D game engine for Python.

Current features include:

Wasabi2D is based on moderngl(supports OpenGL 4.1+), with pygame 2.0 for some supporting functions, and supporting APIs ported from Pygame Zero.

Docs and Help

Documentation is available at

Join us on Discord for help and announcements!

Quick example

Draw a drop-shadowed circle that follows the mouse:

import wasabi2d as w2d

scene = w2d.Scene()
scene.background = 0.9, 0.9, 1.0

circle = scene.layers[0].add_circle(
    pos=(400, 300),

def on_mouse_move(pos):
    circle.pos = pos

Output of the above program


Use pip to install Wasabi2d from PyPI:

pip install wasabi2d

Please make sure your requirements.txt pins a major version, as Wasabi2D may continue to make breaking API and graphical changes in major versions.


This screenshot shows off polygons, sprites, text and particle effects:

Screenshot as of Wasabi2d 1.0.0

Roller Knight was an entry in PyWeek 28, written with Wasabi2D by Daniel Pope and Larry Hastings:

Roller Knight screenshot

Spire of Chaos was another entry in PyWeek 28 written with Wasabi2D by Daniel Moisset:

Spire of Chaos screenshot