Using the power of erlang and freeswitch, I can make freeswitch talk to itself
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Using the Power of Erlang, use a single Freeswitch instance to act as many different callers or external callers.

When developing an application using FreeSWITCH, often there will be cases where having one or two softphones simply won't be enough. This application can make many calls into FreeSWITCH's loopback interface. If there is an dialplan entry, it can also catch outgoing calls and create a controllable process for that channel as well.

In essence, instead of having a softphone with multiple lines to switch between, or multiple softphones, this allows one to control freeswitch via Erlang.

Building and Running

Designed to aid in testing OpenACD, it does have it a dependency. Future versions will likely remove it. OpenACD does not need to be running to use this application.

FreeSWITCH must be built with mod_erlang_event enabled.

./rebar get-deps compile && ./devboot

That will get the dependencies, compile the application, and start it in a development state.