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A social networking engine
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(Re-)Taking the Networks!

The lorea code aims at providing individuals and teams with privacy-aware, security-conscious, and user-controlled-data collaborative tools over the Web, and around it.

The main application is based on Elgg, a PHP-based social networking platform. Lorea extends it with plugins to provide better privacy features, including strong encryption, OStatus-based federation with other Lorea/Elgg installations and OStatus-compliant projects, etc.

It also integrates other popular technologies such as DokuWiki, Etherpad, XMPP, etc., and provides GPG-encrypted mailing-lists to groups.


Our code is divided in two git repositories: elgg and lorea-plugins. You can get it using the following commands.

$ git clone git://
$ cd elgg
$ git remote add lorea-plugins git://
$ git pull lorea-plugins master

You can update the code to the latest release using:

$ git pull origin master
$ git pull lorea-plugins master
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