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Utility script to convert ttf symbol font to png images.

Usage -h

outputs :

Usage: [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -f FONT, --font=FONT  the font file (must be a .ttf font)
  -g GLYPHS, --glyphs=GLYPHS
                        the csv codes file (a line must follow this syntax:
                        "name, unicode")
  -o OUTPUT_DIR, --output=OUTPUT_DIR
                        the output directory
  -s SIZE, --size=SIZE  the font size
  -c COLOR, --color=COLOR
                        a string for the color (black, grey...)
  --overwrite           overwrite existing images

You basically need a ttf font, a codes file (csv) that contains lines following this syntax :

glyph_label, glyph_code

And you're almost done ! Simply call -f font_ligatures.ttf  -g codes_ligatures.csv -o images

Why ?

I've been frustrated by the wonderful Ligatures font, since I wanted to use it as regular png icons. So I made this script.


It probably is very focused on the Ligatures font, so offset and stuff may not be accurate for other fonts. Feel free to contact me or send a pull request on this repo.

Can I contact you for a specific need ?


Just kidding, of course you can.

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