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MARTA IO 2 2 is a rebuild of the original, which provides a real-time interface to easily view approaching trains at any MARTA station.


Like the original, 2 displays realtime MARTA API results for trains updated every ten seconds. It breaks this data into three views:

  • [1. Dashboard]

    arrivals dashboard

    The main view, a list of stations displays when you first launch the app. If location access is granted, the three closest stations stick to the top. Dragging left on a station lets you star it, which will place the station at the very top of the main stations list for quick access.

  • [2. Station View]

    station view

    Tap a station on the dashboard and you can see its upcoming trains, with schedule data mixed in if no realtime data is present for a given direction.

  • [3. Train View]

    train view

    After drilling down to station view, a second tap on a train takes you to that train's estimates. This is useful if you want to know when your train is estimated to arrive at a future station.

  • [4. Twitter Alerts]

    MARTA twitter feed

    The Twitter alerts tab allows users to view MARTA's latest tweets and potentially check train status or delays.

MARTA Hackathon - Judgment Evaluation Categories

  • Impact

    Does this project have the potential to make a positive change to transportation in metro Atlanta? Does it address an important problem? has an easily navigable interface that makes it easier for commuters to make quick decisions/gauge train availability.

    It addresses the current problem of MARTA's convoluted scheduling, which can make it difficult and intimidating for new riders to check what trains are available and when.

  • Viability

    Would this project actually be used in the real world? Is it set up to be successful? 2's mobile-first design is ideal because most MARTA commuters will be using their phones to check MARTA schedules, rather than a desktop computer. is also easily accessed via the website.

  • Creativity

    Does the project address a real-world problem in a smart, innovative way? Or do similar initiatives already exist?

    Similar initiatives exist, but is one of the most easily navigable interfaces available. It is comparably faster with a more straight-forward layout than the official MARTA app.

  • Execution

    Given the constraints of the hackathon, how did the team execute in the time allotted? How impressive is their work?

    Updated the previous iteratio of to up-to-date technology (the newer version of Ionic). Important maintenance.

With the Ionic CLI:

If you haven't used ionic before, you'll need to install it:

$ sudo npm install -g ionic cordova

Then, to run MartaIO, cd into run one of the following:

$ ionic serve # Runs locally in browser
$ ionic cordova run android # Runs on android emulator or device, you can add --device to force a run on device
$ ionic cordova run ios # Runs on ios emulator or device
$ ionic cordova build android --release # build an unsigned release for Amazon App Store

Edit the version in config.xml

<widget id="io.marta" version="2.0.2" xmlns="" xmlns:cdv="">